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The neurological physiotherapy that is carried out by TherapyMatters utilises the Bobath Concept of rehabilitation. This type of rehabilitation is specific to the individual patient – following an in depth and specific assessment, and using goal-orientated hands-on interaction with the patient to help improve their functioning. It is a holistic approach that puts the individual and their functional difficulties at the centre of the process of rehabilitation.

The Bobath Concept is a problem solving approach to the treatment of individuals with neurological problems that focuses on the central nervous systems (brain, spinal cord and nervous tissues) ability to adapt and change, repairing itself by creating new neuronal pathways and brain maps (a process called neuroplasticity). Through specialised treatment, carried out by an experienced therapist who understands the way the brain and the nervous system works, the new neuronal pathways and adaptability of the brain and spinal cord can be facilitated.

The Bobath therapist will concentrate on helping the patient to improve the quality of their movement through gaining alignment and activation of muscle groups and joints. This will involve specialist handling skills, and an in-depth knowledge of human movement control which takes many years of training and experience for a specialist therapist to develop. Then the therapist will facilitate a programme of practice that will help the patient to tune in to, refine and improve their movement through repetition of a meaningful and functional task. The result of this specific treatment, which is aimed at functional goals that are central to the patient, is the potential to recover movement, posture and control, which are important in the daily life and activities of the patient.

The Bobath Concept approach to neurological rehabilitation is taught by only 16 Bobath Tutors in the UK who are the British Bobath Tutors Association. The Clinical Director and specialist physiotherapist at TherapyMatters (Clare Fraser) is one of these Bobath Tutors, and has set up TherapyMatters as a specialist neurological clinic. Clare works both with patients enabling them to improve in their rehabilitation, and as a tutor around the UK for postgraduate therapist education.

The British Bobath Tutors Association (BBTA) has recently written a book which was published by Wiley-Blackwell and Clare contributed a chapter in this book about recovering from a neurological condition such as a stroke –

Raine, S., Meadows, L. and Lynch-Ellerington, M. (EDs) (2009) “Bobath concept: Theory and clinical practice in neurological rehabilitation”. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK.

Other references about the Bobath Concept which may be helpful include:

  • IBITA (2008). Theoretical assumptions 2008
  • Graham JV, Eustace C, Brock K, Swain E, Irwin-Carruthers S (2009) The Bobath Concept in Contemporary Clinical Practice. Top Stroke Rehabil. 16(1):57-68.
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What can TherapyMatters offer?

Treatment and Services:

  • Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy for adults and children
  • Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapy
  • ‘Hands on’ facilitation of movement skills and function
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Appropriate Home Exercise Programmes to improve stamina, endurance and fitness
  • Exercise and Fitness programmes in your own gym if appropriate
  • Hospital to Home transition service – we will help you with advice, teaching your carers how to manage your needs, and implementing a home exercise programme and treatment routine
  • Intensive Therapy Programmes – we can see you daily in the clinic for an intensive burst of treatment. This may be because you have travelled from another part of the country to attend TherapyMatters – or as an effective ‘blast’ of treatment to manage your condition longer term
  • Back to driving / work / leisure / parental duties etc
  • Technology Clinic – use of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), microstimulators and other technology as appropriate
  • Home Visits
  • Hydrotherapy if appropriate
  • Advice, Consultations and expert report writing
  • Discussion, letters and contact with your own GP or NHS team as appropriate – we have links with local consultants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthotists and other members of the multi-disciplinary team
  • Bottulinum Toxin referral as appropriate
  • Course organisation
  • Conference / seminar events
  • Providing a tutor for your event

'You know you can be better than you are today. We can help you to recover as much as possible; balance & walking, function & activity, a better quality of life for you and your family - get in touch, and take control today...'


"My sessions with TherapyMatters have focussed on different areas of my body and the intensive work on different muscles has enabled me to regain much of the lost movement. My walking is almost back to normal, and there has been a massive improvement in both my left arm and left hand. I am now at a level where I am able to walk to work, I can stand up for eight hours a day in the pharmacy in which I work and do my job..."

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