Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury covers all situations in which brain injury has occurred since birth, and includes traumatic brain injury as well as tumour, stroke, brain haemorrhage and encephalitis, to name a few.

The effects are often very similar to those of traumatic brain injury, but there are key differences that make treating and coping with acquired brain injury slightly different in some ways. You may find that your symptoms and problems with your brain injury have come on gradually as the injury has been slowly happening, such as with a brain tumour. In this case your body may have had time to adapt to the changes that it is facing in balance and posture tasks - and the problems that you face in day to day function may be things that you have worked on to problem solve as you have been coping.

Acquired brain injury will often affect you in your function, such as being able to get up into standing, or walking, or reaching and grasping an object. Your balance and your speed of walking, turning and managing in crowds is often effected - and so some of these situations will be stressful and may lead to concerns about coping into the future.

TherapyMatters has a team of highly skilled and dedicated Specialist Neurological Physiotherapists and we have all had years and years of experience working with people who have had brain injuries. We are able to work with you to identify your key difficulties and to work through a programme of treatment to target these difficulties and help you on the road to recovery. Please phone us if you would like to discuss this further or if there is anything here that you want to ask questions about or chat about