At TherapyMatters we have years and years of experience treating people who have had a stroke and need rehabilitation to recover their function and movement control. All strokes are different and will have effected you differently from other people you will have met, this is because it depends what areas of your brain have been effected by the stroke and what these parts of the brain are used to controlling.

Don’t be discouraged - recovery will take place and things will not be as difficult all the time. You will make changes and start to improve in your function. Here is some information about strokes, but please phone us if you have any questions or need to discuss this some more. We are happy to help.

What is a stroke?

A stroke is a brain attack. It happens when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off. Blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen to your brain. Without blood your brain cells can be damaged or die. This damage can have different effects, depending on where it happens in your brain. A stroke can affect the way your body works as well as how you think, feel and communicate.

Different types of stroke

The majority of strokes are caused by a blockage cutting off the blood supply to the brain, known as an ischaemic stroke. They are sometimes catergorised into total anterior circulation infarction (TACI), partial anterior circulation infarction (PACI), lacunar infarction (LACI) or posterior occipital infarction or brainstem stroke (POCI). However, strokes can also be caused by a bleeding in or around the brain known as a haemorrhagic stroke.

A transient ischaemic attack or TIA is also known as a mini-stroke. It is the same as a stroke, except that the symptoms last for a short amount of time and no longer than 24 hours. This is because the blockage that stops the blood getting to your brain is temporary.

Childhood stroke

Anyone can have a stroke including babies and children. We understand the impact stroke could have on your child and your family. Please get in touch if you want to discuss your individual situation in more detail.

What causes stroke?

As we age our arteries become harder and narrower and more likely to become blocked. However, certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors can speed up this process and increase your risk of having a stroke.

Can you recover from stroke?

All strokes are different. A stroke can cause a vast array of symptoms depending on which part of the brain is affected but all of the problems can be treated. The quicker you receive treatment, the better your chances for a good recovery.