At TherapyMatters we are committed to working alongside our NHS colleagues effectively and successfully. The services we are able to provide include:

  • We are an NHS provider of Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy and Complex Rehabilitation
  • We accept referrals and Recommendations from NHS colleagues to TherapyMatters
  • Working alongside NHS therapists and maintaining excellent communication
  • Joint sessions with NHS therapists at the clinic, or if invited, into hospital
  • Clinical Reasoning and reflection sessions

TherapyMatters is an NHS provider for patients who require Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy and Complex Rehabilitation. By setting up an Individual Funding Request through the Clinical Commissioning Groups, GPs have been able to recommend and source TherapyMatters as the NHS treatment input their patient’s need. When the Clinical Commissioning Groups have organised the funding needed for their patient to receive their NHS rehabilitation at TherapyMatters then the patient is receiving high quality therapy input, free at the point of access, for the individual.

We are also happy to accept recommendations and referrals from GPs and Therapists whose patient may have asked to independently supplement their own physiotherapy with additional sessions from a private physiotherapy provider. This may also be the case when NHS input starts to reduce and NHS therapists are obliged to start the discharge process with their patients. At TherapyMatters we are delighted to be able to provide an excellent service to meet their patients needs.

We are also able to work alongside NHS therapists who are providing therapy input for any of their patients that wish to have additional treatment sessions at TherapyMatters. Ensuring good communication and discussion about our key clinical findings, clinical reasoning, and treatment input, is essential for excellent quality rehabilitation, and helps the patient to work towards their goals more clearly.

We are always happy to communicate regularly and effectively with our NHS colleagues (with our patients informed consent) to further the rehabilitation success of the patient involved. We regularly write letters to members of the NHS MDT to share our clinical findings and any concerns we may have, with our patient’s informed consent.

We are very keen to welcome our NHS therapy colleagues into joint sessions at the clinic or at the patient’s home to deepen this communication and joint working, as appropriate, and as requested by the patients themselves.

We are also able to provide Clinical Reasoning sessions with our Bobath Tutor, Clare Fraser, at the clinic, or on home visits, to help with complex presentations that an NHS colleague may feel they want some expert advice or input with. This could be in the form of a joint patient treatment session, with clinical reasoning reflective discussion afterwards, or as a clinical supervision session without the patient.

We have many years experience providing clinical supervision to the NHS and other independent rehabilitation providers in the North West of England.

Please contact us for a phone call discussion about what you would like us to provide you, and your therapy team with, and we can work towards setting this up with you as required.