Customer testimonial from A. Lumb A. Lumb 4th December 2023

'In 1995, I was knocked down by a hit and run driver and suffered a traumatic brain injury (multiple fractures and intra-cerebral bleeding from the occipital lobe). This left me unable to walk naturally with very poor balance and my right knee hyper-extended. I attended a local physiotherapist who advised me that I needed neuro physio and referred me to TherapyMatters. I was assessed in October 2013 and have been a patient ever since. My walking has improved to such a degree that I am able to see Chloe, my personal trainer 4 times per week. I am fitter, stronger, happier and walk much better than I could have hoped for after the accident. TherapyMatters is an incredibly positive, happy and skilled place that is changing my life for the better.'

Customer testimonial from M. Pateman M. Pateman 4th December 2023

'Following Michael's stroke in October 2021, we were recommended to contact TherapyMatters by a neighbour when it became apparent that NHS appointments would be few and far between and in order to give Michael the best possible change of making a full recovery.

We have been delighted with the excellent service received, and by the patience and expertise of the staff.

Michael is now walking again and has improved his stamina, strength and stability.

It is always a pleasure to see the physios either on a home visit or in the clinic, which is well-appointed and has an extremely positive vibe.

Each physio is highly skilled and, although a particular physio is allocated to each patient, when cover is required for holidays, it is readily apparent that the stand-in physio is fully conversant with Michael's condition and progress.

We would unhesitatingly recommend TherapyMatters to other people with neurological conditions.'

Customer testimonial from J. Bilham J. Bilham 4th December 2023

I approached TherapyMatters in Jan 2023 looking for expert physiotherapy support following a spinal cord injury in June 2022.

I had only just returned home and was unsure what to expect from my recovery. the TherapyMatters team were outstanding from the outset, Charlotte immediately got started, identifying areas of my recovery to prioritise. Since then, whilst Charlotte has remained my lead therapist, I have worked with all of the team and I have gone from having significant aches, pains, and barely able to stand to relatively pain free (and confident the team will quickly address any issues that come up) and confidently taking multiple steps with and without crutches with greatly improved posture and balance.

To top it all off, attending clinic it’s always great to see the friendly welcoming faces of all team at TherapyMataters!

I would not hesitate to recommend TherapyMatters to other neuro patients looking for a team of friendly, expert, specialist neuro physiotherapists to support their recovery.

Customer testimonial from Karan Harry Karan Harry Cheshire 13th July 2017

Escorted Rachel to clinic for therapy session. Parking easier. On time, every time. Welcoming, friendly and professional staff. Calming waiting area, perfect for rest and coffee. Happy with all aspects.

Customer testimonial from Mike Hopley Mike Hopley Cheshire 9th March 2017

I am/was a fit and healthy 21 (now 22) year old male, in April 2016 I suffered a severe bleed on the brain which left me with a left sided hemiplegia. After basic physiotherapy in a rehab unit in hospital I was discharged when deemed fit enough to go home. At first I received regular physio at home from the "ESD" (early supported discharge team) but as time went on, this began to tail off as I was being transferred to community Physio's as an outpatient (waiting period was due to a backlog). So during this period my Dad decided to take action and search for Neurotherapists in the surrounding area (Cheshire). He came across Therapy Matters, and it is only now that we know how lucky we are that Clare Fraser's clinic is on our doorstep. Initially, as the ESD team were finishing off, they had asked whom I would be going to see privately, they immediately recommended Clare, I was obviously excited to say that is who I would be seeing. Now obviously, when I arrived at Therapy Matters, I knew it would be difficult to see Clare myself, as she would obviously be everyone's number one choice of therapist, so I was to see Megan, a young girl, although with great experience and a seemingly vast knowledge of neurological therapy. After she performed an initial assessment my  recovery, since seeing her (and then Dave too) began to take shape and I have continued to go there several times a week since October 2016. I have a great rapport with the Physio's there and really feel as though I can achieve my highest potential post-stroke with them - this is my main personal goal, although I/we do set small goals to achieve with the therapists such as reducing my ten meter timed walking challenge time. I would thoroughly recommend Therapy Matters for anyone that needs Neuro therapy or complex rehab, they are superb from my own experience and if you have the means to get therapy from them, you need to do it because nothing is more important than your health! It's just a shame I don't know more people to recommend them too! Oh and also, the Physio's are training all the time and learning off Clare's vast wealth of experience, whilst also partaking in courses and lessons, so don't be discouraged by having someone else, they're all great! Can't speak highly enough of them, I just hope to continue on this upward trend of of recovery, and with TM I have every confidence in doing so!