Customer testimonial from MB MB Wirral 9th December 2016

My stroke left me with dense left side paralysis. My goals have been, initially, to stand/step/transfer and then walk with the aim of returning to independent living.

I saw Clare as an outpatient for many months following my stroke. Additional goals achieved have been driving the car using only right side controls from my wheelchair. Now nearly 2 years after my stroke I can walk short distances and am working on increasing this, plus looking to return to my hobby, golf, and playing 1 handed from a paragolfer buggy!

Clare’s expertise & professionalism throughout my treatment has been second to none. Some of the core highlights of my rehab with Clare have been realistic setting of goals and the support that is offered to help with rehab.

I would thoroughly recommend Clare and TherapyMatters to anyone who requires neuro/stroke related treatment knowing this will help improve their quality of life and recovery.

Customer testimonial from John Usher John Usher Chester 9th December 2016

As a result of having a stroke in October 2010 I was left with no movement in my right arm and no function in my right hand. I also have right sided weakness and walk with a limp. My personal goal is to regain as much function as possible.

Clare Fraser was personally recommended to me. The highlights of the treatment for me have been that my foot has improved and my arm and hand have moved in ways I didn’t think they could have. For me this will go a long way towards helping me to return to certain aspects of my life before the stroke.

I am continuing treatment and will do so for as long as I see improvement. I also receive NeuroPhysiotherapy from the local hospital and Clare has liaised with my other therapist to ensure good communication and that my treatments do not conflict.

Clare is dedicated to my recovery from beginning to end. I would recommend anyone to consult with Clare and TherapyMatters for NeuroPhysiotherapy. You will not be disappointed.

Customer testimonial from Jess Land Jess Land Chester 9th December 2016

In Summer 2010 I experienced considerable pain in my left upper arm which was interrupting my sleep and my GP advised me to seek help through physiotherapy to cure the problem.

The Physiotherapist who initially treated me reached a stage where he considered that my problem required more specialist help involving the nervous system (as I had suffered a previous stroke in the past) and recommended TherapyMatters as the people to see.

I found Clare Fraser’s first investigation of the pain area extremely searching and was supported by detailed note taking. Subsequent ‘hands on’ sessions followed and her conclusion was that the shoulder joint required surgery. Her thoroughness inspired confidence and I accepted her advice to see an orthopaedic consultant.

Subsequent x-ray of the shoulder joint showed that the cartilage had disintegrated and a replacement shoulder was necessary. This operation was successfully done in early 2011 followed by a six month period of exercises to rehabilitate arm movements at the hospital.

At the end of this I still had some pain and restriction of movement and decided to consult TherapyMatters again. After only 4 treatments and a few home exercises I was able to use the arm almost normally and with little pain. This achievement was Clare’s and not mine and should I ever require future physio I would return to her without hesitation. Her expertise and knowledge have inspired me to recommend two friends with painful conditions to seek help here. Other physios have treated me for various problems mostly suggesting exercises but TherapyMatters stands alone with the amount and quality of the manipulation and therapy successfully applied.

Customer testimonial from Richard Hill Richard Hill Wirral 9th December 2016

When, like so many people, I had a stroke which left me unable to walk or to use my left arm and hand, I was lucky enough to be treated by Clare Fraser and it was only through her care and expertise that I am now walking and able to have more use of my arm and hand than I could have possibly imagined.

The effects of something like a stroke can not only be physically devastating, but also mentally traumatic in the sudden transition from being fit and active to being helpless.

Central to the treatment I received from Clare and her team, was not only the fact that they could successfully correct so much of the damage I had suffered, but their ability to connect with those they are treating, and in giving us the power to help ourselves whilst being helped. It seems to me that this is not just essential to any kind of recovery, but makes it possible for those of us who have suffered a traumatic change in our life to take back some control over our condition as well as receiving the best possible treatment. Thank you so much for your care and expertise.

Customer testimonial from Robert Shaw Robert Shaw Wirral 9th December 2016

After suffering a stroke I was left with severely impaired use of my right arm and some restricted movement in my right leg. Clare was highly recommended as an experienced neuro physiotherapist by the NHS physiotherapy team I was seeing at the time.

I have been receiving physiotherapy from Clare at least once a week to try to gain as much use of my right arm as possible. Clare is highly professional and very attentive. She is very experienced and has a good understanding of a patients needs and explains the steps in the recovery process.

I would strongly recommend TherapyMatters to other individuals requiring physiotherapy treatment.