Customer testimonial from Dave Dave Wirral 8th September 2014

There has never been a more apt name for a business as we have found therapy at Therapy Matters has certainly made a difference to our lives. From just functional walking, Dave’s walking has massively improved. To manage this the physic has worked to lengthen key tendons in Dave’s leg, foot and manipulated his hip. From no movement in his arm the therapy has begun function, with Dave being able to move his arm from his elbow. Although progress is slow, it is happening thanks to the sessions of physio each week. Can’t thank them all enough.

Customer testimonial from Raymond Thomas Raymond Thomas Chester 2nd June 2014

My name is Ray. It is now 4 years since I had my stroke which caused loss of movement down the right side of my body. The first 2.5 yrs I tried water aerobics and supervised exercises in the gym. It all helped but I was not progressing any further.

My first session with TherapyMatters was April 2012. My objective was to walk without a stick and to be more independent as before my stroke, and I feel TherapyMatters is getting me closer to my goal each session.

I am walking without a stick more often now – and am much more confident outdoors – I have even started to return to bowling with my wife.

I would recommend TherapyMatters to anyone with similar problems as it has helped me both physically and mentally.

Customer testimonial from Lord Glyn Hughes Lord Glyn Hughes 2nd June 2014

Having very limited mobility after a severe stroke, TherapyMatters have helped me to stand longer and to develop my ‘transfers’ skill from chair to chair. We have also achieved the goal of getting in and out of the car. I have no hesitation in recommending TherapyMatters.

Customer testimonial from Daniel and Karen Daniel and Karen Wirral 19th May 2014

Daniel has now had four sessions at Therapy Matters. After each session, his muscles are better aligned and his brain is more aware of what he is doing physically. He always suffered clonus of the right affected stroke leg (a trembling of the muscles) which he used to stop by putting his weight on the leg. Using a technique taught during a Therapy Matters session, Daniel can control this clonus with thought. He thinks of his right toes, which he has been helped to identify through therapy, and he can now stop trembling.

Clare, his physiotherapist has also worked on his leg and hip alignment. He is more aware of his hip and right leg and I am able to help his alignment each night. His right lower leg was always swollen and poorly aligned in the muscle. Clare has worked on this limb and stopped it from swelling. Daniel’s leg and ankle are better aligned and positioned.

What does this mean for us as a family? Well, Daniel is pain free. He is learning to walk better as his muscles are stronger and better shaped. He is more aware of his limbs. I even have hope that with continued therapy, Daniel will gain some function of his right hand and arm.

Therapy Matters has continued the work started during the week long session Bobath training course for Physiotherapists. The staff at Clatterbridge have been amazed at the difference in Daniel. He has gone from strength to strength, despite setbacks. I have every confidence that Daniel will continue to improve following more sessions at Therapy Matters. 

Customer testimonial from Shelagh and Neville Shelagh and Neville Wirral 25th April 2013

We would like to thank you for all the work you have put in on Phil’s behalf. We have seen a great improvement in his condition, and were very thrilled to see the video taken of him walking.