Customer testimonial from Richard Jones Richard Jones Wrexham 9th December 2016

I suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke in 2011 and had brain surgery and care in several NHS departments until mid April 2011. Since then I have received sporadic NHS physiotherapy visits and so contacted TherapyMatters, Chester, at the end of April 2011 in an effort to maximise my recovery and achieve my personal goal of normalising my life again.

I now attend TherapyMatters once a week and have physiotherapy sessions with Clare Fraser. Since the first session Clare has been amazing and the sessions have had an incredible effect on my recovery. I have achieved far greater strength throughout my body and can now walk unaided for short distances around the house. I can also now climb stairs at home with the use of a rail.

Clare outlined at the first session her strategy to maximise my recovery and always explains everything in a clear and concise manner. I cannot speak highly enough of Clare and TherapyMatters. I would recommend TherapyMatters and Clare to anyone requiring help in response to a stroke or other brain injury. You could not wish to receive treatment from a more expert physiotherapist and when this is combined with the pleasant, friendly and engaging way in which Clare treats her patients TherapyMatters really should be anyone’s first choice for Neuro Rehabilitation.

Customer testimonial from Tony Richards Tony Richards Wirral 9th December 2016

TherapyMatters and principal Physiotherapist Clare Fraser were recommended to me when the Wirral Community Physiotherapy Team had to withdraw treatment in January 2012, saying I had ‘plateaued’.

I had a major stroke in June 2011 which left me with no functionality in my left arm and leg, loss of peripheral vision in my left eye and a degree of inattention on the left. My main objective is to walk again but at her first assessment at the end of January 2012 Clare made it clear this was to be a long term aim; before that we had to do a lot more work on strengthening my core, improving my stamina and developing my balance ability. Over the past year she has concentrated on these goals and I am now able to stand more confidently and remain balanced for longer.

As is the nature of strokes these improvements take time but Clare has an encouraging way of making me work hard and stay focused. I appreciate NeuroPhysiotherapy is a very specialised area and TherapyMatters is an expert in this field. Their expertise, friendship, support and good humour in this past year have played a great part in helping both my wife and I remain positive and hopeful for the future.

Customer testimonial from Adrian Lumb Adrian Lumb 9th December 2016

I was knocked down by a hit and run driver in April 1995 and suffered multiple fractures and intra-cerebral bleeding. This led to reduced mobility and reduced control of my right leg.

Treatment as an in-patient and then as an out-patient on the NHS succeeded in getting me mobile and walking with a stick. In October 2012 I felt my walking had gradually deteriorated and I looked for more physiotherapy to help me. I received a ‘word of mouth’ recommendation about TherapyMatters because they are specialist in Neurological Physiotherapy.

TherapyMatters helped me to understand the mechanics of walking and how to use the relevant muscles and joints to enable me to walk more efficiently and with greater confidence. I would have no hesitation in returning if my walking should deteriorate again and would certainly recommend them to others. All the staff are very friendly, listen to your concerns and provide an excellent bespoke service.

Customer testimonial from John Ashworth John Ashworth 9th December 2016

I suffered a brain haemorrhage in December 2011 which left me with left arm paralysis and generalised weakness down my left hand side. My NHS treatment was excellent and enabled me to return home, but NHS physiotherapy is limited in terms of time and intensity and it soon became apparent that I would need the intensive physiotherapy offered by TherapyMatters if I was going to achieve a recovery that would enable me to resume my pre-stroke life.

My sessions with Clare have focused on different areas of my body and the intensive work on different muscles has enabled me to regain much of the lost movement. My walking is almost back to normal, and there has been a massive improvement in both my left arm and left hand. I am now at a level where I am able to walk to work, I can stand up for eight hours a day in the pharmacy in which I work and do my job.

Rehab is not easy and the results are sometimes frustratingly slow but when Clare puts in the most part of a session in order to move a finger and you can move your finger independently (no matter how small a movement) at the end of the session – I realise how lucky I have been in becoming one of TherapyMatters clients.

I sincerely believe that without Clare's expertise I would not have recovered from my stroke to the extent that I have. I have achieved all my goals so far – enjoying life with my family, back to the gym, back to driving and back in work.

Customer testimonial from Rees and Phil Thomas Rees and Phil Thomas Cheshire 11th July 2016

Thank you for all your help. We are very lucky to have found you.