Customer testimonial from Joyce Joyce Chester 14th August 2012

Two years ago, mum suffered a serious infection which lead to the amputation of her right leg, above the knee. When she finally came home after spending five months in hospital she was extremely weak and could not leave her bed without the use of a hoist, or change her position within it without the use of a slide sheet.

We were desperate for help and rang the Nuffield Hospital, who recommended Therapy Matters.

We are delighted that they did so.

From the moment Therapy Matters physiotherapists entered our home they have been a source of hope and encouragement. Thanks to their skill and patience and mum’s determination and courage, there has been a steady improvement in her condition.

Mum can now get out of bed without even needing a transfer board, she can stand easily and can transfer into her shower chair, and so can finally enjoy using her new wet room.

We are delighted that mum is now stronger and confident enough to transfer from her wheelchair into the front passenger seat of our car, and she has recently enjoyed lovely drives in the autumn countryside and trips to the shops.

With the help of Therapy Matters we are looking forward to further improvements in the quality of her life.