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FSH Muscular Dystrophy

JD Wirral – 22nd January 2024

I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy which has required the permanent use of a wheelchair since 2005. Years ago I fractured my left patella and needed surgery to repair the damage. Unfortunately, my mobility and flexibility, which were already compromised, deteriorated significantly following the operation.

I had known for some time that weekly physiotherapy was becoming increasingly necessary for me, but this became critical when I returned home from hospital. However, previous referrals for NHS physiotherapy had not been successful as they involved me attempting various exercises, which often resulted in pain and frustration. I knew that I needed something different this time and fortunately someone recommended TherapyMatters.

I began receiving weekly treatment at home in October 2011 and immediately found that my muscles responded well to the manipulative technique employed by TherapyMatters. The treatment was tailored to meet my individual needs and the physiotherapist was very knowledgeable, highly experienced and adopted a holistic approach. Furthermore, I was provided with all the essential advice and support I needed.

Although I am realistic in my expectations, as anyone is with a deteriorating condition, I have found that my muscular-skeletal function has improved since receiving treatment from TherapyMatters. I have more flexibility and less muscular and joint pain. As a result of receiving this highly specialised physiotherapy, my rather active life has become considerably easier and I feel as though I am more in control of my health and well-being. I would certainly encourage others who need neuro-physiotherapy to try TherapyMatters.

Bleed on the brain

Mum in Cheshire 12th January 2024

“Therapy Matters was recommended by a friend.

My Son was discharged from Walton Complex Rehabilitation Unit, in September 2022, following 7 Months in hospital, and rehab, due to a bleed on the brain. He has learnt to swallow, eat, speak and walk again in rehab. My son joined TherapyMatters on discharge, in April 2023 and the whole team were welcoming.

He had daily sessions with Clare, Francesca and John, and his balance, posture, movement, and walking has massively improved. Clare was so helpful to us when my son had a second brain surgery in September 2023 to secure the aneurism.

My son has gone from strength to strength with the support, expertise and help from Clare, Francesca, John, Lauren, Sian, Charlotte, and Nicola. All their encouragement has been Paramount to my son’s improvements.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with him to date.”

Multiple Sclerosis

H.C North Wales 20th December 2023

I have MS and my personal objectives are to try and walk unaided. I sought treatment from TherapyMatters so that I could develop my exercises and fitness, and to try and reach my personal goals. TherapyMatters were recommended to me by another satisfied customer. Working on my movement and exercise keeps me as fit as possible and helps me to feel better, and TherapyMatters helps me with this, improving my quality of life. I have found TherapyMatters to be very helpful, and I would encourage other people to come to TherapyMatters if they need quality specialist neuro physiotherapy. Thank you.


Mike Hopley Chester 20th December 2023

During my recovery from stroke over the past 7.5 years, I’ve gone to see Clare, and I’ve not gone to see Clare. Although the gains can sometimes only be marginal, they do have an impact and will put you on the road to recovery. Especially if you also do your home exercise programme (which TherapyMatters will help you build and add to continually).

I have seen a few physios from the TherapyMatters practice during my time at TherapyMatters and have found the quality to be consistent across the board (mostly in part I imagine due to Clare’s ongoing training and mentorship). In my latest stint with TherapyMatters, Clare has on-boarded Francesca to our sessions, whom I often now see independently and the quality remains and is upheld by Francesca (and the other physios I’ve seen over the years). The attention to detail is ridiculously high, especially given the complexity of my condition. But they understand me, and what will help towards my recovery, using Bobath principles to help restore more efficient movement.

Listen attentively in your sessions, take notes for your home exercise programme, and work hard. You will no doubt see the benefit from attending sessions with TherapyMatters.

Guillian-Barré Syndrome

A. Selman 4th December 2023

At age 37, I was struck by the autoimmune disease Guillian-Barré Syndrome, which partially paralysed my limbs and damaged my nervous and digestive systems. I was extremely fortunate to have an aunt in medical circles, who tracked down the best neurophysiotherapist Clare and her TherapyMatters team, who gave me hope that I could improve.

My personal objective has always been to work every day at my recovery, and in doing so, to increase independent mobility.

This is not to say it has been easy! For eighteen months I have attended TherapyMatters, guided by kind and expert physiotherapists to exercise dormant muscles, to learn to stand, to walk with crutches. We work on strengthening my core, improving my breathing, and increasing power in my arms to wheel my chair. They have helped me to move from a rigid body, to be able to lie on my side, and (still daunting) my stomach.

A highlight has to be the day I was able to raise my arms high enough to brush my own hair!

I note the positive ethos at TherapyMatters, where they work as a tight-knit team, and often train in new skills.

I could not thank – nor recommend – them highly enough.

Amy Selman

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