Why Choose Us?

TherapyMatters are an independent and private provider of Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. We are an expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists specialising in the treatment and rehabilitation of Neurological conditions.

We aim to help you maximise your potential for a more independent and more functionally successful life. Our goals are to enhance your control of movement and posture and so develop your fitness, performance and stamina in your daily activities. We will help you approach any difficulties you have with general activities of daily life and with returning to work, sport, leisure and driving.

Our website outlines conditions that are treated by neurological physiotherapists and gives you information about our rehabilitation clinic. Find out about our services to see how we can help you or your company.

Send an email to ask us any questions, or phone us to discuss your condition and to make an appointment. We are a friendly and experienced team of specialist therapists who will be pleased to help you with anything you need.

  • We use evidence based rehabilitation treatments in our rehabilitation programmes – and through our specialist assessment of your movement problems we will understand and target the areas of weakness in your muscles, instability in your posture, and create movement and exercise patterns that we guide you through with hands-on facilitation techniques. Our ‘hands-on’ interaction with your movement problems will facilitate improved movement and postural control – this allows you to practice your movement skills safely as you build your confidence, and stamina.
  • We are specialist therapists in Neurological Rehabilitation – we only focus on neurological problems – and all our physiotherapists are specialists with many years experience in treating all neurological conditions.
  • All our therapists have completed post-graduate training in specialist neurological physiotherapy. We are also committed to on-going training – and will give you the most up to date and effective treatment available. As we work together within the clinic, we are able to share ideas, work in pairs with our patients if needed, and bounce ideas off each other so that we can be a great ‘problem solving’ team for you and your recovery.
  • We know that any neurological condition is a blow to your lifestyle and confidence. We will help you achieve your best possible potential – which may be returning to work, or driving, or leisure activities, or parenting duties – and we will always be effective, friendly and supportive.
  • We are able to support your recovery with access to technologies such as FES, Biodex Body Weight Support Treadmill Training, and others as required that we can bring into your rehab if needed.
  • We have an independent clinic premises which is fully equipped and has patient accessible parking (free), easy level access, accessible toilets, and a comfortable reception area with complimentary refreshments.
  • All sessions take place either in a private clinic room or in curtained off cubicles in our gym space for your comfort and privacy.
  • We can offer you home visits for your assessment and treatment if you are unable to get to the clinic. We are happy to see you in your home or nursing home, if this is more appropriate, although working in the clinic gives us the opportunity to use the equipment (such as the medical plinths) which is often very useful. We can discuss what is best for you when we meet and assess you.
  • We have access to specialist ‘body weight support treadmill’ equipment in our gym area.
  • We are able to attend any aqua / hydrotherapy sessions you may want a physiotherapist at, in your local pool.
  • We keep secure patient clinical notes, and video clips, to record changes in your function and outcomes so that you can see your own improvements.
  • We have helped our patients to achieve their goals – and have many satisfied customers – please read their testimonials and watch their video clips to find out more.